Superheroes are more violent than the villains they fight

The superheroes of the two most important franchises in the genre, Marvel and DC, are themselves more violent than the enemies against whom they fight – moorddadiger even. This is evident from a statistical analysis of the Pennsylvania State University.

Heavily muscled men and women in tight latexkostuums and shiny capes: piece for piece, they make the world safer, and they help the evil the damnation. At least, that is what the mythology of the genre would have us believe. The reality, however, seems the opposite to show, say American researchers who, with a magnifying glass on a whole series of example, have bent.

The scientists evaluated especially the most popular films in the genre, on the basis of the income. This includes ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Batman v Superman’. Cheer for our ‘heroes’ is a suit more difficult in the light of the figures from that study came up.

An average of 18 times per hour committing the bad guys of the conscious movies a violent act. If that is already very much seems, then, stand the heroes from those same films have been completely out in violence. They are responsible for no less than 23 offences per hour. They use, in addition, also more likely to be deadly weapons and they can destroy more property.

The most notable of all is the death toll of the conscious movies. While the villains in a total of 93 deaths were, leaving the superheroes 168 corpses in their wake. The malice of the villains from the other hand, especially in the intimidation, bullying and torturing their victims.

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