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Stellar lumen performs Airdrop for Blockchain Wallet users

Stellar lumen performs Airdrop for Blockchain Wallet users

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The Stellar Development Foundation has entered into a partnership with the Wallet provider, Blockchain, to distribute Stellar Lumens (XLM) in the value of $ 150 million to users of the Wallets. The Stellar Foundation is hoping that the Airdrop and the partnership with Blockchain will continue with the introduction of XLM.

The resources of the Airdrops provided by the Stellar Development Foundation, the charitable Foundation behind the Stellar lumen project, which has developed the crypto-currency.

The Airdrop of Stellar lumen, in cooperation with the renowned Wallet provider Blockchain is an example for the free distribution of crypto-currencies to the Online Wallets, what is enjoyed in the past year, increasing in popularity and numerous projects as a Marketing medium was used in order to increase the demand and popularity (where there was also a lot of black sheep, the users of abzockten).

The Stellar Blog, the Foundation announced:

We are pleased to announce the largest lumen distribution is known: a. XLM Distribution of up to 500 million users of the leading Digital Asset Wallet provider Blockchain. This Airdrop is the name and the technology from Stellar in front of the 30 million account holders of Blockchain and many new users in our Ecosystem.

Stellar is only the fourth crypto-currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin is Cash, which will be supported by the Blockchain Wallet.

XLM in the value of US $ 25 for each user

In terms of the value that will distribute Stellar lumen to each of the users, explained the Team of the Blockchain that XLM will be distributed to the value of 25 dollars to each Individual, once the identity has been checked after logging in to the Wallet. There is also a First-Come, First-Served basis-clause, which States:

The offer is available until the XLM Giveaway offer is exhausted. There is a Limit of a XLM-Airdrop per Person, unless you participate in bonus activities.

Initially, only the registration for the waiting list by E-mail address is required. As soon as the Airdrop takes place, it sends Blockchain an E-Mail with instructions to take the XLM. All participants need to have a Blockchain Wallet. Users who already have a Wallet at Blockchain, you need to create a new account.

The Link to the Airdrop, is the Following:

Pending Coinbase listing of XLM

As we reported, were Ox (ZRX) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) listed on Coinbase. The speculations are now high that Stellar (XLM) could be supported next. At the beginning of the year, Coinbase had expressed an interest, the following digital Assets to list: ZRX, BAT, XLM, Cardano (ADA) and ZCash (ZEC).

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