Sinéad O’connor disgusted by white people

“I’m sorry a lot. What I’m about to say is incredibly racist, and I never thought this could feel. But to be honest, I never want to spend time with white people (if that the correct term is for non-muslims). No time, for no reason. They are disgusting,” writes Shuhada’ Davitt, such as Sinéad nowadays goes through life.

Although they are immediately overloaded with angry comments, decision Davitt it a step further to do. “Be interesting to see whether Twitter this is going to eliminate, while people like Trump and Milbank is a global platform for their satanic talk,” she writes. And: “Forgive me, sometimes the Lord just needs people who do the dirty work.”


The singer is showered with haatreacties and they is frequent for crazy broke. Also there, she has however to answer. “The last thing I’m about to say. If the ’crazy’ is to give others, save me please, on my buttocks and call me Fruity Loops.”

It is, however, but the question of how long they muslim women will continue. Last year, she still omdopen to Magda Davitt, because she converted to the catholic faith and the end of the nineties, she became a priest in the orthodox church.

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