Sacha Cohen had bullet-proof shield in Who Is America?

Sacha Baron Cohen

During his talk, announced Cohen to that in the less than 30,000 souls storey town the largest mosque in the world outside the Middle East would be built. Before the images would start had the comedian, the shield gained from his bodyguard. Who told that it is not a superfluous luxury because many of the visitors likely to have their weapon would take it to the meeting.

To Kimmel confessed to Cohen that he is pretty worried because was about how the people on his memento would react. When the bodyguard told me that a lot of people their weapon just to carry, was his concern even greater. Especially because he is not so well-knew what he and the shield had to do as there shot would be. Finally figured out the comedian a way to not only head protection, but also his cross, as he told laughing to Kimmel.

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