Ruud de Wild believes Jelle Brandt Corstius not

Ruud de Wild

Ruud de Wild invited Gijs van Dam for his podcast, 30 Minutes of Raw and soon made it clear nothing of the assertion of Jelle Brandt Corstius to believe. The presenter is accused Of a Dam that he him in 2002 against his sentence in oral had to satisfy. “I thought: ‘oh, they’ve seen again and quarreled’. Why would you do something for twenty years for you to keep and then the whole of the Netherlands know? I thought that was so crazy,” explains The Wild.

According to him, there can be absolutely no question of a #MeToo. “I can be there with my healthy mind, that two guys of 24 and 25, which are both on the same level, there may be #MeToo. The accusation was that you and him would have forced to do something. Save you you still on your mouth? With all due respect: you don’t look like Rico Verhoeven.”

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