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Ripple: SWIFT denies rumors of collaboration

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT for short, is NOT to cooperate with Ripple. In the past, rumors came that SWIFT would be working together in the framework of the Protocol Updates, the company behind XRP tokens.

Ripple works with SWIFT? That would have been a big thing. The company, which standardized since 1973, the message and transaction traffic from around the world, more than 10,000 banks via telecommunications networks, is currently working on a Protocol Update. In this context, the SWIFT should make a network for a further 4,000 banks available. The Upgrade ultimately aims to expand the GPI System.

Partnerships and Community-fueled rumors

Since the company had accumulated in the last few months, partnerships with a large number of banks and in the context of xRapid a fixed share of the banking market, it was then a short-hand to rumors of a collaboration between Ripple and SWIFT.

In various crypto-media reported, also on Twitter, the rumor made the rounds. Here it was a change of staff from the HSBC Bank to the company behind XRP, rallied the rumors:

“Closed SWIFT with the Ripple? Marcus treacher [sic], sitting with SWIFT in the Board of Directors, is leaving hsbc to Ripple to cooperate. Ripple has also confirmed recently that Cross-border Payments can be processed within seconds, which is worlds away from what was previously said].”

As Finance magnates now reports, however, are the messages to a duck.

A spokesperson for SWIFT said to the magazine:

“I’m not sure where these rumors come from. but the upcoming publications […] have nothing to do with RippleNet. Their main purpose is to ensure that all the payments get a Tracking reference [ … ] to allow banks to settle their GPI-payments end-to-end and in real time.”

XRP-rate gets a slight kink

Within the last 24 hours, the Ripple price (XRP) had to cope with a slight kink, so he has lost almost four per cent, of starch. In the weeks and month the course of the Performance of the Bankens, but so far no crash.

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