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Ripple Is the XRP-Bull-Run?

The Ripple price (XRP) could lie down within the last hours of a strong price rally. Briefly Ripple increased in terms of market capitalization rank number two, ahead of Ethereum. One can speak here of a Bull Run?Ripple or XRP-Token has exceeded the 0.50-US-Dollar mark and is currently in good driving water. In the meantime, the 24-H increase in the 20-percent mark scratched in the two-digit range, we are all of us. Since the question is understandably: it Is a Bull Run or just ordinary volatility? A look at the facts.

Partnerships and institutional investors

Well, whatever you think about Ripple and XRP and want to say: In partnerships there is no shortage. However, as a current report of Picolo Research, especially the famous institutional interest is growing towards the Bank coins at the moment. The product xRapid do Ripple and XRP, especially for larger investors. Picolo Research in this context, to say even to the extent that XRP is currently undervalued. But what the technical analysis says to increase at the current rate?

Ripple, XRP, and the moving average – technical analysis

(courtesy of Dr. Philipp Giese)

The XRP exchange rate is now since two weeks ago above the moving average of the last 20 weeks, in the daily chart as the MA140. You take the technical assessment of the moving average as a basis, this is a clear indicator of a bull market, as we explain elsewhere in detail.

In addition, the rate of Ripple could rise today on the MA200. So you can dare to open a Long Position and, as the first Target of 0.58 US dollars aim for. Further objectives are at $ 0.68, and 0.73 US dollars. As a Stop Loss, you can use the MA200, which currently stands at $ 0.51. This one should follow suit: especially in the case of a bullish crossing between MA200 and MA50, you should use the latter as a Stop Loss.

The bullish signals from the Altcoin-market analysis in combination with the above-mentioned results of the study to be quite bullish hopes.

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