Republicans strengthen their majority in the Senate

The Republicans seem to be the race for the Senate, to win. The Democrats lose two seats during the elections in the United States.

Republican Mike Braun from Indiana has senator Joe Donnelly defeated, as appears from exitpolls. The seat was seen as crucial for the Democrats to have a majority in the Senate to conquer. Republican Kevin Cramer won in North Dakota of Democrate Heidi Heitkamp.

The Republican Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee, the Senaatszetel able to redeem. Blackburn is aartsconservatief, defender of the pro-lifebeweging and a hard-nosed businesswoman. She took the of the moderate Democratic ex-governor Phil Bredesen. Singer Taylor Swift, who grew up in Tennessee, had during the campaign to know that they are Blackburn certainly would not support because of her controversial views.

Republican Ted Cruz wins the Senaatszetel in Texas, so messages different the American media. It was a neck-to-neck race with Democrat Beto O’rourke. Texas is a stronghold of conservatives.

Democrat Joe Manchin from West Virginia, will retain his seat in the Senate. That is a boost for the Democrats, after president Donald Trump in 2016 with more than 42 percentage points difference had won by Hillary Clinton in that state. Manchin was the only Democrat who voted for the appointment of the controversial candidate-judge for the Supreme court, Brett Kavanaugh. Of the five Congressmen from West Virginia’s Manchin as the only Democrat.

Bernie Sanders is up for re-election as a senator for the state of Vermont. Sanders sits as an independent. For the last presidential election, he took Sanders it is still on against Hillary Clinton in the primaries in the Democratic Party.

Clinton’s running mate for the presidential election of 2016, Tim Kaine, was also up for re-election in the Senate in Virginia, as appears from the exitpolls.


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