‘Press’: a new fierce series on BBC First

Under the relentless pressure of the 24-hour nieuwscyclus know journalists from competing newspapers no mercy in their quest for stories for their newspaper. They call the powerful to account and change the lives of ordinary people in their headlines. But they can the truth about themselves face?

In episode 1 hunt or Holly Evans, deputy editor of The Herald, a left-wing newspaper, which is with difficulty knows how to adapt to the age of digital news, a lead after the death of a young woman by a police car is hit by a car. The Post get the in Oxford afgestuurde Ed Wasburn the chance at his first so-called death knock interview with the parents of football player Shawn Kingsley has committed suicide. If there are details about Kingsley’s private life come out and are defeated parents for their participation in the interview to withdraw, there is pressure on Ed to the story against their will in print
‘Press’ is a fierce series of the award-winning writer Mike Bartlett, who is in high tempo play and in which a very critical look is thrown on the front pages of competing newspapers to the core of an industry that is full in the international spotlight.
View the first season (6 episodes) of “Press” from november 12, 2018 every Monday at 22h on BBC First!

BBC First is available on channel 25 in the tv-bundle Entertainment Channels on Proximus TV.

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