Pogba fear old team

Paul Pogba

“Here began my professional career. I have a lot of great memories in this stadium,” says Pogba at the club from United. “To be here now as a player of Manchester United to come back makes me very proud. I hope that Juventus can show that I can be a better player.”

Pogba wants to be there from the kick-off on top. “Against such a team you should be a good start,” said the world cup winner. “We can’t be a bad start. Before you know it you have a couple of goals against.”

Two weeks ago at Old Trafford and 1-0 lost to Juventus. Pogba is still hopeful for tonight. “Every team has a weak point, that we need only to find. Juventus is one of the best teams in the world with many good players, but we are Manchester United. That is also a great club. Hopefully we go with a smile on our face back home.”

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