Outrage over ’much too low’ penalty Dave Roelvink

Dave Roelvink

A joke, people find on Twitter. “Punishment is far too low. This is really sad. He comes away with it.” Another wants “on behalf of many other road users” to say that he too that the rijontzegging not much longer ’up to two years for driving under the influence”, claims that the two years ’should have been’. “But obviously the first thing you need is someone doodrijden.”

Comedian Jochem Myjer is that the artist required a book to read about ’what success and power with our brain to do”. That Dave Roelvink (successful) BN is, is according to some a reason that he is there in their eyes so well get away with them. They have little confidence in the effect of the penalty on the ’adventurous male’. The court considers that, Roelvink by the community service ‘is in pain’ – ‘ you will really hurt. There frustrated you, and that is what I want.” – doubts one also. “I detect here a somewhat naive statement?”

What one also finds, the judge has spoken, and also Dave has resigned, so has he let you know. That, in the eyes of the public, probably regardless of which pronunciation is quite different should have been, by a twitterer philosophically puts it: “Can Dave Roelvink anyway heavy enough to be punished?”

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