Occur increasingly difficult for Anouk


“I’m always nervous, very nervous,” said Anouk, who, despite her nerves her new single I miss you sang. With shaking hands, ” because I know that it’s live’, she sang at the table the number. “I am happy that it is finished.”

The singer told that they each occur nervous. “If the sound is good and the vibe is good, then I come loose after a couple of songs. Sometimes I come not from, that’s pretty silly for the audience. Or the sound is so difficult that I need to focus in order to be entitled to remain. If I then all at once in a block I can’t move, I can’t talk about, and I stand still.”


According to Anouk, is it really worse with the years.” “Since I have less to drink or use, it is all a little harder.”

She also told them about the wrong image that the public sometimes of her. One expects a real rock star, but nothing is less true. “I really am a mother-mother,” said the singer, after she had told about her mornings, which consist of bread and ‘snackjes prepare for her six children. “In the past, it was just something else. It is harder to make that switch, if you have children and especially if you there is so much you can do.”

To compete

Although her offspring music got, hopes Anouk not that any of her children in her footsteps. “They all have music lessons, if they have the chords to know, they should stop. I’d rather not have the music, certainly not in the foreground. I don’t think it’s the most pleasant world.”

Also, wants She not that her children continuously with her can be compared. “As you get older the artist is, you don’t want against to compete. But if they determined that you can not stop it. But they really are very musical, or else I’m sorry.”

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