Niels Destadsbader on the nerves

Niels Destadsbader has two fantastic concerts in the Sportpaleis her. But the night before the first concert was hell. On of the nerves slept Niels less than four hours. So little sleep… “That is, of course, not conducive for a singer, and I was really worried about my voice,” admits Niels Destadsbader honest. Even after a successful dress rehearsal continued to Niels Destadsbader doubt. “But once you are on that stage get, do you get an adrenaline rush that you suddenly all doubts forget it and all for it.”

“Yet I have the first three numbers are not consciously experienced. But after the third song I came completely to myself and I also really enjoy the show,” says Niels Destadsbader in the Story and All. Niels Destadsbader can also so some of the moments from the show names, which are absolute highlights. Anyway, then there should be “play Time” when there is a photo montage was projected by Niels and his late friend Robbie, but Niels also thinks of other most magical moment…

“Hey Dad” he went in the audience at his parents sing and showed the singer the whole Arena to sing for his father. “He was very, very impressed and very emotional, and I also,” Niels Destadsbader frankly.

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