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New suspect in operation ‘Clean hands’: broker Vanaken and Davy Roef

In the large investigation of money laundering and matchfixing in the Belgian football is football agent Evert Maeschalck, the son of lawyer Johnny Maeschalck, in suspicion.

He is suspected of passive and active bribery. Maeschalck would already be three weeks ago in suspicion, but the news got only now known, reports VRT news.

Evert Maeschalck is the broker of many current and former players of Club Brugge. His office represents the interests of, among others, Hans Vanaken, Birger Verstraete, Bjorn English, but also that of Davy Roef. Aft, a goalkeeper at Waasland – Beveren, was in this file also interrogated as a witness.

Noteworthy: the father of the football agent, Johnny Maeschalck, is a well-known sportadvocaat. He defended in the beginning of this dossier in the interests of referee Bart Vertenten. In the meantime, he has made a step aside. Hans Rieder is now the lawyer of Vertenten.

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