“Mystery around construction pyramid finally unraveled’

CAIRO – Scientists break the already scheduled their head about the mystery surrounding the construction of pyramids but a inventive construction technique would finally have clarity have provided.

Scientists are fascinated by the structures, especially the Pyramid of Cheops, one of the Wonders of the world. It would be technically hardly have been possible to this structure. Now there is finally clarity about, say researchers from the University of Liverpool.

In an old quarry have found evidence for an inventive hellingtechniek with wooden stakes in it. A team of workers would make the stone from 25 to 80 tons on that way top can bring, 4500 years ago, long before more sophisticated techniques were available.

Before, it was already suspected that possible slopes were used, but often was spoken about an inclination of around ten percent. The slope that was accidentally Dutch national monument care in a quarry, has at least 20 percent, reports the university.

Pulley system

In addition, holes are found on both sides of the slope, which suggest that there are thick piles were set, says researcher Roland Enmarch. To the poles would ropes with pulleys that are tense.

“The arrangement ensures that the people can be lined up, and all the forces have the same direction in work,” says Enmarch against The Times.

’Stupid’ accident

The steep slope by chance was found, makes the discovery even more to the imagination: the researchers were looking for was actually supposed to be inscriptions on the wall, old characters. “Since we were engaged, we took some stones away,” says co-researcher Yannis Gourdon. “And then we found the slope.”

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