Minister of Justice USA resigns after months of criticism of Trump

Minister of Justice USA resigns after months of criticism of Trump

The American minister of Justice Jeff Sessions Wednesday at the request of president Donald Trump submit his resignation. Trump has that resignation is accepted, he made known in a tweet.

The minister of Justice announced his resignation in a letter which he had delivered to John Kelly, the chief of staff of the White House. “Dear president, on your request, I offer this my resignation”, as it is written.

Sessions had been for months under fire from president Trump. The American president found that Sessions specifically prosecutor Robert Mueller much to little in the way explained in his research into possible links between the election campaign of Trump and Russia during the presidential elections of 2016.

Sessions then distanced himself from that research – to the great anger of Trump because he Trumps presidential campaign, the then Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergei Kislyak, met, and itself was involved.

The New York Times argues that the dismissal of Sessions, paving the way for Trump to at a later stage, special prosecutor Mueller to dismiss.

Written In the stars

According to observers, was the departure of Sessions just after the mid-term parliamentary elections as written in the stars. Trump wanted to Sessions already much longer the avenue to send out, but waited there on the advice of party members until after the verkiezingsrace.

There was concern that a resignation before the vote is negative could extract for Republican candidates in their verkiezingsdistricten involved were in neck-to-neck races.

Search for replacement

Trump has provisionally chief of staff Matthew G. Whitaker appointed as the successor of Sessions. He gets so also the temporary charge of the research of Mueller. A permanent replacement will be appointed, says Trump.

Irreparable damage

Sessions was in 2016, one of the first senators that are behind the candidacy of Donald Trump crowd. After Trumps victory wed Sessions minister of Justice, but after a few weeks, the relationship between the two has been damaged beyond repair. That happened after Sessions decided that not he, but deputy minister of Justice, and Rod Rosenstein, the supervision had to get of the investigation of potential Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller was appointed by Rosenstein, and also reported to him.

For Trump made Sessions with that a item error. With the frequency of the clock he scolded him in the past two years, the skin full. Both the White House and public, via Twitter. Last summer demanded of the president that the Ruslandonderzoek immediately had to be stopped. In an interview with The New York Times said Trump last year that Sessions himself never of the investigation had allowed to dissociate. ‘And if he still was planning, he would have to say he the job took, than I would someone else have been chosen.’

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