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“Mick Schumacher is ‘not as crazy’ as Max Verstappen”

According to motorsportveteraan Frits van Amersfoort, who both riders under his care has had Mick Schumacher a more calculated approach than Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen came for the team of van Amersfoort in 2014 in the Formula 3, and a year later he had Mick Schumacher under his wing in the German F4 championship.

The Dutchman hit the Formula 3 and went immediately in the F1 to work on and at this time the beautiful weather at Red Bull. Mick Schumacher wrote this year the European Championship of Formula 3 in his name with PREMA Theodore Racing.

“There are many riders who feel that everything should go the way they want,” says van Amersfoort ‘Sport1.’ “Mick has always shown that he is eager to learn, he is a racer who works very hard, he is not as ‘crazy’ as Max.”

“Mick used his head, his strength is that he races and wants to win with his head. That he was probably of his father learned, it is not just to drive, there must also work hard. Therefore, he is now exactly on the place where he wants to.”

Schumacher crowned himself European champion in Formula 3 and it is expected that we see him within two or three years in Formula 1 will find. Hamilton showed recently that he had there one hundred percent sure of is that within a short time, again a Schumacher on the starting grid.

Who is also of that opinion is former F1-pope, Bernie Ecclestone, as he says in the German magazine “Bild am Sonntag.” The Brit immediately adds that he regretted to find that his father can’t enjoy the success of Mick.

“Mick is certainly on the way to the F1, he is doing great,” said Ecclestone. “It’s just a pity that his father can not support.”

Schumacher thinks his of and especially want to not skip steps in his career, so he left after receiving his F3 title know. He wants next year at least a year in the Formula 2 getting started before at the earliest in 2020 to try his luck in the Formula 1.

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