Michella Kox wants, Amanda Balk ’for her mouth rams’

Michella Kox

It’s been eight years since Michelle Cox to the current band got to hear that she is a bad mother. Rival Amanda Bar seized every opportunity to her frank opinion about the curly and the flammable Cox looked like, but what likes to happen. Yet, the latter still cross that she was taken as a bad mother. They can’t wait to finally revenge to take.

“My daughter and I have quite a kutleven had,” says Kox on RTL Boulevard. “That is no good to anyone, but we do not have a perfect life. We have so have to fight hard with the two of us. I felt bad that I by Amanda a bad mother was called, and my daughter also.” That they wed night across Amanda, does her good. “I can Amanda finally ready for her mouth rams without to having to sit down or having problems.”

Cox is not going the hassle. “Even if I win the fight, I’m not settling with Amanda. Do you think that really? Even for a million euros. Never of my life.”

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