Make Belgium Great Again teaches you for free cpr

Make Belgium Great Again explained Tuesday in the slotaflevering of the first season, a painful problem to expose. From an experiment with hidden cameras shows that still too many people cramping from fear when suddenly someone has a heart attack. Ignorance is all too often the culprit and so calls Frances Lefebure Flanders flock to a course of cpr to follow.

To lend a hand organize Make Belgium Great Again along with radio broadcaster Joe now Saturday 10 november 2018, a course in cpr in each province. “You do get a half hour’s time, all of the essential basics taught,” says Frances. Joe-djs Sven Ornelis and Anke Buckinx: “Whether you’re going to knowledge even just want to freshen up or for the first time coming into contact with resuscitation: everyone is welcome. We start with a short theory lesson and then everyone will get the chance to even really try. Do not hesitate so.”

All practical info about the action after the broadcast found on

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