Macron wants to be controversial, Pétain honor despite criticism

CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERRES – The French president, Macron has said that he is the honor of the old marshal Philippe Pétain lawful. Pétain led the French in the First world War to victory in the battle of Verdun, but it worked in the Second world War together with the nazis. When he was dictator of Vichy France.

Macron during the world war I herdenkingstour.

Jewish groups and political opponents have a lot of criticism of Macron, that Pétain, along with seven other commanders from the First world War a tribute, want to give on november 11. Then it is just a hundred years ago that came to an end that war.

The French president called Pétain was a great soldier in the First world War” and finds it surprising that he, like other old war heroes will be honoured.

At the battle of Verdun came to more than 300,000 French and German soldiers in ten months time.

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