Laura Ingraham drives the spot with Taylor Swift

Like so many other artists followed Taylor Swift in the American election. She spoke graciously of her support for the Democratic senaatskandidaat Phil Bredesen. Now he, however, served to put off against his Republican opponent, Marsha Blackburn, was Fox News host and popular conservative opiniemaker Laura Ingraham her moment has come. On Twitter she stuck the dragon with Swift.

In her tweet referred Ingraham to swift’s popular song lyrics: “Hey Taylor Swift, haters gonna hate. #shakeitoff”.

After years of silence, what she does not always appreciate, spoke to Swift last month for the first time openly about her political preferences. In a long post on Instagram, she explained why she Bredesen supported. In addition, she spoke to her support for Democrat Jim Cooper, who (re)elected became.

“How much I would women want to vote, I can Marsha Blackburn do not support it. Her voting record in the congress repels me too much to the chest,” said Swift.

Swift justified her decision by reference to Blackburns vote against a renewal of a law against violence on women and because of her opposition to gay marriage.

Swift was not the only celebrity where Ingraham the spot floated. Also Oprah Winfrey, Will Ferrell, and former president Barak Obama had to pay for it.

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