Large terreuralarm in Spain to riemgesp in the shape of a hand grenade

BARCELONA – The evacuations of the two main stations of Barcelona and Madrid appear to be the result of the discovery of a metal riemgesp in a suitcase. The buckle in the shape of a hand grenade came to light during a routine check at the railway station of Barcelona. Security forces beat great alarm, and because the owner of the suitcase, a ticket had to Madrid, was also the main drive cleared.

The Spanish police, Mossos, gave this picture pretty of the suitcase. The form of the hand grenade led to a large terreuralarm.

Atocha Station, the largest in Madrid, was as a result of the discovery was completely cleared. Sants, the main railway station of Barcelona, in part. Experts were able to pretty quickly determine that it is not an explosive went.

Atocha train Station in Madrid in 2004, were heavily affected during a series of bombings by islamic extremists.

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