Kane: “PSV would have beech’

Harry Kane is satisfied

We used to have so deep to dig to forces for PSV to break. This was a different ‘level’, that we had to appeal. We knew that PSV are defensive would prepare, and by the early lead, which it took, there was quite a wall. We had opportunities, but we should be banging on that tough wall to create a hole in it to save it’, said the striker of the London club.

Kane thinks it quite right that the PSV on the bottom dangles in the poule of the Champions League. In Eindhoven, we were, of course, also been the best team on the field and tonight it was well deserved that we won. It lasted only for a very long time before the goals fell. There are still opportunities to continue in the Champions League and we are going to deal with it.’

According to Kane, it is not so crazy that his team had difficulty getting PSV to the end. ,,Take a look at our program. This was the fourth match in eight days.’

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