Idrissi airport is only tasted in Morocco

Oussama Idrissi

He wants to be the next interlandperiode use the opportunity to focus on a final choice. That said the winger in conversation with AZ TV.

I go over to tests, conversations and see how it goes,” says Idrissi. ,,I have, of course, not really a very good picture of how it is at the Moroccan selection. At this moment I have no choice.”

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Morocco calls AZ-attacker Idrissi on

Idrissi can, according to AZ not yet in action for Morocco because he kwalificatieduels has played with Jong Oranje, that is not managed to place for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS next year. He does so later this month, even not to choose.

Morocco will play on november 16 against Cameroon and four days later against Tunisia. Idrissi will remain in that duels on the side.

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