“I read that my daughter was kidnapped on Facebook’: Cameroonian school children released

"I read that my daughter was kidnapped on Facebook’: Cameroonian school children released

The 79 students that Sunday kidnapped were from a protestant school near Bamenda, in the English region in the north west region of Cameroon, were released. Issa Bakary Tchiroma, Cameroon’s minister of Communication announced that.

“All of the 79 students were released,” said Tchiroma, who is nothing said about the conditions under which the release was obtained. The kidnappers had the closure of the school demanded.

The children of the Presbyterian Secondary School, together with three members of staff of the institution kidnapped. Samuel Fonki, the priest that the negotiations conducted with the kidnappers, confirmed the release. “The director and a teacher are still kidnapped. Let’s pray for them, ” said Fonki.

No communication

Parents did not know what was going on because there is no official information was released. ‘I read about the kidnapping on Facebook. I prayed that my daughter is not abducted, ” said Philo Happi, the mother of a vijftienjarig girl. “When I discovered that they had been taken, I cried. I was afraid of. I am glad that the children found.”

Alain (17) told Reuters how the kidnappers them Monday morning at school with them and they were obliged to run. The children were not treated poorly. “We had a kontchap (a mix of maize and beans) and water,” said Alain. ‘It was not enough, but they gave us food.’


The release of the students was a day after the swearing-in of the 85-year-old president Paul Biya announced. He is already 36 years on the force and was on 7 October, elected for a seventh mandate.

It is the first time that such a large-scale kidnapping takes place in Cameroon. In the two English regions in the northwest and southwest of the country going on since the end of 2016 a crisis at the end of 2017 eventually turned into an armed conflict.

The priest and the Cameroonian soldiers accuse the English separatists of the kidnapping, but a spokesman for the separatists denied any involvement.

Since a few months, almost daily battles between the army and the separatists. The separatists have a boycott of schools announced because they find that the French school system, the English-Speaking minority in the country marginalized. Since the start of the conflict attack the separatists with the frequency of the clock schools.

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