George Clooney ’ready’ with engines

George Clooney

In the description of the Harley from 2017 that Amal Clooney and her husband after his accident has been banned ever on a two-wheeler. The 57-year-old actor went in July down in Sardinia. With his motor scooter reed George head-on into a car that left wanted to hit. He was a few meters into the sky thrown in and kept bruising to an arm and knee on the collision. He also suffered from his pelvis.

The engine, with only 40 kilometers on the clock’, will be auctioned in the framework of the Home For Our Troops Veterans Day Celebrity Auction. This raised money for homes for veterans. The Harley must be at least $ 28,000 (24.500 euros) yield. George has promised to scribble to put on the engine before he had the keys to the new owner delivers.

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