Details the horrifying murder of a footballer known

Daniel Correa Freitas in action on behalf of São Paulo.

The body of the 24-year-old midfielder was the end of October, badly mutilated in the bushes along a road in the south of Parana found. The head was almost out of the fuselage separated and his genitals were hacked off.

Three family members are stuck because of the murder: businessman Adison Brittes, his wife, Cristiana and their 18-year-old daughter and Separated.

Freitas was at the end of October present at the birthday party of the daughter, when it all went wrong. The footballer would be terrible been drunk and have like assaults on the mother. The footballer seems to be in bed to be crawled at the sleeping woman.

“In our bedroom I found a naked Daniel on the body of my wife,” said Adison Brittes – according to the Belgian newspaper The Latest News on the Brazilian tv. “She screamed and called for help. What I then did was what any man would do. For the woman who lay there, was not only my wife. She stood in front of every Brazilian woman. It could be everyone’s daughter, sister, mother or wife.”

“At that time, it was my wife, Cris, with whom I twenty years am married. I now hear all kinds of rumors, none of which is correct. My wife or even my daughter, would something have had with Daniel. But the truth will come to light. I know what I have done: the moral integrity of my family defended. By that filthy monster threw it on the ground and an end to the rape.”

Freitas on the night of the murder, but also some incriminating pictures and text messages to a friend sent. On the photos is to see how the footballer in bed with the mother. The accompanying text reads: “I’m the mom of the year girl to devour.”

The conscious photos of the footballer with the mother.

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