Democrats conquer first seats to Republicans in the House

Jennifer Wexton, and Donna Shalala are the first Democrats that a seat to conquer the Republicans in the House of Representatives. This is evident from exitpolls. In Kentucky, succeeds gevechtspilote Amy McGrath is not going to win the Republican Andy Barr. The US choose Tuesday the new members of parliament, senators and governors.

Wexton wins Virginia Republican delegate Barbara Comstock. The tenth district of Virginia was almost 40 years in Republican hands. Barbara Comstock will not get a third term in the House of Representatives.

Democrate Donna Shalala gets it in Florida of Maria Elvira Salazar. The Democrats have 23 Republican seats to capture a majority in the House of Representatives.

In Michigan Democrate Rashida Tlaib made history. They will be the first muslim woman to a seat in the U.s. Congress.

Greg Pence, the brother of vice-president Mike Pence, a win in the state of Indiana a registered office in the House of Representatives. The seat was from 2003 to 2013 still in the hands of his brother.

Senaatszetel Indiana to the Republicans

In the Senate lose the Democrats their first seat. Republican Mike Braun from Indiana has senator Joe Donnelly defeated, as appears from exitpolls. The seat was seen as crucial for the Democrats to have a majority in the Senate to conquer.

Bernie Sanders is up for re-election as a senator for the state of Vermont. Sanders sits as an independent. For the last presidential election, he took Sanders it is still on against Hillary Clinton in the primaries in the Democratic Party.

Clinton’s running mate for the presidential election of 2016, Tim Kaine, was also up for re-election in the Senate, as is clear from the exitpolls.

Democrate defeats Republican governor on Guam

On Guam, a U.s. territory of around 160,000 inhabitants, is the Democrate Lou Leon Guerrero elected governor. He defeated Republican Eddie Calvo, who already had two terms as governor has her.

Also for the House win, the Democrats in Guam. Democrat Michael San Nicholas won the Republican Doris Flores Brooks. Earlier he won the widow of Madeleine Bordallo, that there are already different deadlines is attached.

The representatives of the overseas territories and the District of Columbia have no voting rights and are therefore only as an observer in the House.

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