Dave Roelvink not in appeal

“I’ll leave it here and accept my punishment”, said Dave afterwards. “I’m going to my community service to perform and pay the fine and then I put on the blisters sitting.” He came to court his story and regret to confess. “The judge has made it known that I my responsibility to take and that I my fault acknowledge. I am very pleased with it.”

The court explained the 24-year-old dj, including a community service. Dave understands that. “With a community service in the public, you take me, of course, much more than another. And also a lot more than a fine. I think the secret would be appropriate.”


Dave spoke to after the incident with the parents of a boy who was hit by a drunk driver and died. “Those conversations really come within. Then you realize how bad it is what you do. I guess this is my way to prevent it from happening again.”

The dj and son of Dries Roelvink was in August held by the police. He drove 180 kilometers per hour on the ring of Amsterdam, where up to 100 kilometers per hour should be driven. Also put Dave in his car in the middle of the Coentunnel on the hard shoulder and called something onverstaanbaars to a motorcycle cop who was behind him reed. Then he drove further and stopped for a moment later on the hard shoulder where he aggressively responded to the agent. After he was back behind the wheel was crawled, he was on the Surinameplein klemgereden by the police. Dave proved to be 2.5 times the permitted amount of alcohol to have drunk.

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