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Coins paid – Stellar lumen XLM for free!

Stellar lumen XLM now!

In addition to the three previous crypto-currencies, Bitcoin, BTC, Bcash BCH and Ethereum ETH, is now also added to Stellar lumen XLM as number four to the Wallet on the popular platform “”. The users of the “” figures are around 30 million registered users. In order to create synergies and to generate with the help of this widespread platform, a Benefit for the Stellar network, the responsible persons of and the Stellar Development Foundation, a special treat in store:

The largest Airdrop of the crypto-history!

On the dedicated website for the Give-away of a total of 125 million US$ as XLM, interested users have to register to be part of the Coin-to-be gift. In order to get the free Coins to the value of at least$ 25 per Person, with a Wallet on is required. If you don’t, it must set up first, of course. You should, however, have already a Wallet, so it is not necessary to further set up. To be able to ensure that each Person receives the gift only once and not several times, in addition, the identification by the KYC procedure is necessary.

The Stellar Development Foundation hopes, through this approach a larger global Distribution of your XLM-Coins, whereas due to the positive Publicity is likely to be some new users generate.

To protect yourself legally responsible write also something jokingly formulated, but still very informative:

And because you apparently must involve the lawyers, if you give away so much money…..

Offer available until the XLM Giveaway offer is exhausted. Limited, the XLM is the Giveaway to one per Person, unless you participate in bonus activities. A Person can obtain the XLM in a Blockchain Wallet. XLM is called “Who comes first grinds first”, with priority for those with the oldest, completed (i.e., accounts with a verified E-Mail address) Blockchain Wallets. The participants must have a suitable account, be prepared to verify your identity, and in a suitable market or suitable resident Jurisdiction.

Since the offer will certainly be exhausted very soon, you should hurry to get a piece of the cake.

Here you can register you.

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