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Club Brugge pulls hard against AS Monaco

Club Brugge pulls hard against AS Monaco

Club Brugge has a excellent thing in the battle for European football after the winter. Blue-black cold rolled in a fond first half-hour about a weak Monaco and won with 0-4. Hans Vanaken and Wesley Moraes made for the safe 0-3 idle mode, in the slot of the party signed Ruud Shaper for the final standings. Club jumps to the third place in group A and now has three points more than Monaco. Any downside was the early loss of Krepin Diatta, which was patched for this duel.

Barely 24 minutes, it was the match away. Thierry Henry stared at the ground, Youri Tielemans looked despairingly around him, and the Monegasque fans looked at each other in disbelief. Club Brugge attacker Wesmey Moraes had just a bone-dry blast 0-3 on the board, the match was already played. The contest is finally the turnaround had to herald for the team from the principality, was a true nightmare.

Doubting Monaco

However the first big chance for Monaco. Williams found Diop and blasted at close range on purpose, but Horvath was right in the short corner. Club Brugge – where the injured Diatta already after a few minutes, had to make room for Cools – was alerted and responded sharply. Very sharp even. Mata stuck on the right deep for Zipper and the midfielder pulled the ball low. Wesley was well covered, but his guards forgot the ball to intercept and rolled right before the feet of the detached Vanaken: 0-1 and Club is immediately on roses.

The doubts beat straight away at Monaco and the Club pushed through. Wesley immediately after the openingsdoelpunt on Benaglio, a few minutes later, the Team there again. Vanaken took from the tweed line, the Italian Barraca got the ball unhappy at his flailing arm and the ref was grim: penalty kick. Hans Vanaken kweet itself seamlessly to his task. Benaglio dived to his right, Vanaken pushed the ball simply by the middle to the edge to double.

Strong Horvath

Now it seemed Monaco is determined to respond. Fortunately, the Club can count on a strong Horvath. Williams dribbled himself clever by the defense and took a hard and low, but Horvath was perfectly flat. What keepersprobleem? However, for those who thought Monaco was to fight back, was quick to for the effort. Club counterde quickly to the other side, Wesley cut off all too easily and got charred in the direction farthest corner. Benaglio had there been no story, and the 0-3 flickered after only 24 minutes of play on the board.

The Bruges box set is already a solid party in the corridor, the fans of Monaco could see the storm already in place. Club Brugge took the foot now what of the accelerator and controlled the match, in Monaco was the sense of defeat is too great to respond for the rest. Thick 60 percent possession of the ball had the Monegasken for the rest, but it looked after 45 minutes of football against a triple disadvantage. Meanwhile, seeped also the happy news that chairman Dmitry Rybolovlev was arrested for corruption.

There is Fashioner again

After the break kabbelde the party further. Club Brugge and checked and came sporadically even threatening, when Monaco was any glimmer of hope wiped out by the triple opdoffer for the rest. Trainer Thierry Henry looked on with dismay at how his first victory in the Monegasken is delayed. In the final stage, we were still a bit of excitement when captain Ruud Molder – after two matches bankzitten again in the base – there on the counter is still 0-4.

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