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Chris Dercon is the Grand Palais in Paris lead

After Munich, London and Berlin attracts the Belgian cultuurmanager Chris Dercon to Paris. He won the Grand Palais through a major renovation of sheds.

From 1 January, Chris Dercon for five years at the head of the Grand Palais in Paris, for example, the French government this morning. Between 2020 and 2024 are watching the institution of art against a large-scale restoration, which is 436 million euro will cost. For two years, there will be no exhibitions.

Chris Dercon (60) earned his spurs in the visual arts. He was successively at the head of the art centre Witte de With and the museum Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the House of Arts in Munich and the Tate Modern in London.

In the most active museum for contemporary art of Europe, he remained until the beginning of 2017 on post. His transition to the Volksbühne in Berlin, one of the biggest cultural institutions in Germany, turned out to be a failure. His appointment as the successor of the legendary Frank Castorf was already from the very beginning to be controversial. There was concern that Dercon, the ensemble and the repertoire would reduce, in exchange for more experiment.

His first season with the Berlin theater was with great obstacles. During the startweken, the theatre was by campaigners occupied. Halfway through the season threw Dercon the towel in the ring. According to the German secretary of state Klaus Lederer got ‘the concept of Dercon not as expected input’.

His appointment in Paris is once again a top some day, though insiders they are unenviable. Dercon will mainly be a immense yard need to monitor, and also the budget need to keep. The renovation of the Grand Palais starting in 2020. In november of that year, the institution for two years close.

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