‘Chance to revisit some common sense in politics to pumping: American in the German press about the midterms

Several American newspapers agree that the Democratic victory in the House is positive for the US, although there is also criticism to read. The Washington Post is very positive, The New York Times is more cautious and CNNjournalist LZ Granderson will find that the Democrats themselves have to reinvent if they are in the future a better score.

The Washington Post sees the Democratic gains as a sign that the American democracy and politics in general healthier. The New York Times finds that Democratic leaders now have the political opportunity and heavy responsibility to have to re some common sense in American politics to the pumps and a higher, common goal for the American government to create.

According to The Washington Post , the new Democratic majority in the House, translate into the protection of affordable health care, the reform of the arms export control or on a scientific approach to climate change to address.

The New York Times , by contrast, recommends that the Democratic elected officials to carefully review the policies from which to choose that they want to fight. The Democrats may be proposing new laws to make, but the proposed laws have also by the Republican Senate be approved. New laws will make according to the newspaper will only succeed if the Democrats are the proper tools can find where the Republicans also.


The Washington Post points out that the House is now several violations from the government-Trump may examine and responsibility to enforce, such as the separation of immigrant children and their parents or obstruction of the investigation of Robert Mueller to president Trump.

Also there recommends the New York Times the Democrats to be careful to choose where they spend all their time in stitches: an investigation into the corruption of kabinetsmedewerkers is more important for the American public than zwijggeld that Trumps ex-mistresses or not have been given.

The New York Times recommends that the Democrats continue to not immediately about to proceed to the deposition of president Trump. The newspaper argues that the public is against the Democratic party would be able to return if there is no overwhelming evidence. According to the newspaper would be the Democrats best to wait and see whether the investigation of Robert Mueller to Trump criminal evidence yields.

Clear message

LZ Granderson highlighted in an op-ed for CNN that the House take an important step for the revival of the Democratic party, but he also points out that the Democratic victory is not overwhelming. According to him, that since the Democrats since Obama no clear message that more had, in contrast to Trumps ‘Make America Great Again’.

Granderson is that the Democrats need to think about what they stand for instead of what they are against. He points to the irony that the Democratic party of diversity, and young people want to represent, but that the most important we are against such be filled by the elderly, and whites.


According to Timothy O’brien, an editor for Bloomberg Opinion, president Trump this election about himself, and he’s got to pay the price for. Before the elections it looked already that the Democrats a fair chance for the House to win back, could only Trump, according to O’brien not resist the temptation to be in the centre of the attention.

‘In a certain way, I am on the ballot, ” said Trump last week to 200.000 followers. “The press sees the election as a referendum on me and on us as a movement.’

Now will Trump must learn to work together with the Democrats. Only think O’brien that that will be difficult because the president the past two years, a message of racism and violence preached.

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