Call to boycott Eurovision song contest in Israel gives birth to a mouse

The call of dozens of celebrities and personalities from the world of culture to the organisation of the Eurovision song contest 2019 in Israel to boycott has had little effect. The 42 participating nations – one less than last year – next year to Tel Aviv, under the slogan #DareToDream, so today on Twitter announced.

The Israeli singer Netta won in may’s Eurovision song contest in Portugal with her song ‘Toy’. As a result, the competition in may 2019 in Israel.

Dozens of prominent people from the world of culture had turned against the organization of the Eurovision song contest in Israel said. As grounds for the boycott are violations of human rights by Israel against the Palestinians called. In the letter was the organizer, the EBU called on the event in a different country to take place. “The Eurovision song contest has long been a apolitieke show that spectators and countries need to bring together”, so went not in.

To the signatories of the letter, on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian appeared, include Roger Waters, co-founder of the group Pink Floyd, the film directors Ken Loach, Aki Kaurismäki and Mike Leigh, actress Julie Christie and musician Brian Eno.

The only country that drops out compared to the edition of this year is Bulgaria, but that has nothing to do with the call. The cost is too large, so had the Bulgarian public broadcaster last month to know.

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