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Bruges profits will go around the world

Wesley Moraes makes most of four Brugean goals in a match for the history books

Bruges profits will go around the world

A glorious comeback of Ruud Molder, two goals of Hans Vanaken and a second goal in the Champions League Wesley Moraes. The 0-4 Club Brugge in Monaco is world news.

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With a handsome goal bokste Wesley Moraes the Monegasken all the way out. Guillaume Horcajuelo/epa

Wesley Moraes makes most of four Brugean goals in a match for the history books

Bruges profits will go around the world

A glorious comeback of Ruud Molder, two goals of Hans Vanaken and a second goal in the Champions League Wesley Moraes. The 0-4 Club Brugge in Monaco is world news.

“This is a dream’

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Chairman Monaco in the cell

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VoetbalChampions League

Bart Lagae

Monaco‘Allez Thierry, chante avec nous!’ and ‘Club can’t help, olé, olé!’ The 1,200 supporters of Club Brugge who had travelled to Monaco, experienced the night of their life in a soaked Stade Louis II. But the highlight of the evening came when Ruud Molder in the second half, the 0-4 scored. The Dutchman ran the athletics track on to for the visiting box, and knocked himself King Kong-wise on the chest. ‘Never in doubt’, he wanted it to say. The glorious comeback of the captain was a wonderful high point of an evening for the history books. The 0-4 was not only the greatest victory ever of a Belgian team in the Champions League, it was also the largest thuisnederlaag of Monaco in the European cup.

Youri Tielemans and Nacer Chadli proved to be generous hosts. But it was above all the merit of the Bruges attackers that the room also were exploited. “We knew that Monaco wankel was and that we try to exploit,” said Hans Vanaken, who inside foot the 0-1 if interior stairways and with a penalty straight into the 0-2 scored. ‘Just in the middle, I had planned to.’

Horvath important

Ethan Horvath was already been important with a save in the opening stages. Afterwards, he came doubting to intervene, but he saved again on the subsequent attempt by Tielemans.

“I was there this week working on training. Thanks God, I managed also to score in the match’

Wesley Moraes

Wesley Moraes bokste Monaco completely knock-out. First tapped he the ball still sideways to the goalkeeper Benaglio to threaten, and later he brought the 0-3 still on the board. To come inside and shoot from just outside the sixteen meter. “I was there this week working on training,” said Wesley, almost phlegmatic. ‘Thanks God, I managed also to score in the game.”

The Brazilian made his second goal in a row in the Champions League and his goal to re-dedicate to his two brothers, Leandro and Leonardo. He formed the letter L with his fingers for the camera. “I have now for every brother a goal. But I also have two sisters, Silvia and Christiana.’

That may be so, yet the letter S and the letter C in the following competitions. Two matches in the Champions League. At least two. “You never know that we can qualify in the first two,” says Wesley. “Why would we at home can’t win against Atlético? We have the qualities to do it. If we play like in the first half against Dortmund and the second one against Atlético, it can.’

By this victory takes the Club a solid option on third place and qualification for the Europa League. More may not care about: Altético Madrid won yesterday, of Borussia Dortmund, both teams have an almost unbridgeable lead of 5 points at Club Brugge

AS Monaco 0

Club Brugge 4

Spectators: 8.347

Referee: Artur Dias (Por)

Goals: 2’ Vanaken (0-1), 17’ Vanaken (0-2), 24’ Wesley (0-3), 85’ Shaper(0-4)

Penalty: 17’ Vanaken (converted)

AS Monaco: Benaglio, Sidibe, Glik (76’ Touré), Jemerson, Barreca, Ait Bennasser (68’ Massengo), Tielemans, Chadli, Sylla, Diop, Falcao (61’ Gouano)

Club Brugge: Horvath, Poulain, Mechele, Denswil, Mata (77’ Vlietinck), Molder, Nakamba, Zipper, Vanaken, Diatta (6’ Cools), Wesley (72’ Rezaei)

Yellow cards: 15’ Barreca

Red cards: none

“This is a dream’

Ivan Leko stráálde. The Club trainer was especially pleased that his team was finally rewarded for the good campaign in the Champions League soon.

“We came here to win,” said Leko firmly. “We knew that Monaco is not doing well. Saw that everyone. But still, this is a dream. We are not talking here about the first the best league. This is the Champions League. If you can make this as a small Belgian club, then that is unseen. Historically, nothing more, nothing less.’

Notable: a week ago sputterde Club against STVV, and then this result? “Football is very difficult to explain’, is the response Leko. “You don’t at all. That’s why we keep all of football. You never know what is coming. You know, it was not our best match in the Champions League. But we earned it after our previous good match. Monaco was not at his strongest, but a prutsploeg is now also not. Glik, Falcao, Chadli and Williams are great players?’

Still, Leko sober. ‘Mathematically, is Monaco not yet turned off. I dare to estimate that we are 70 to 80 percent sure of that third place. But we need to continue to perform well in Dortmund and at home against Atlético Madrid, that’s for sure.’ (lvdw)

Chairman Monaco in the cell

As if the 0-4-beating was not enough, got AS Monaco yesterday to hear that the Russian president was arrested. Dmitry Rybolovlev was in pre-trial detention placed. Earlier that day police had a search made at the billionaire, suspected of active and passive bribery, and complicity thereto.

The case revolves more around a conflict between Rybolovlev and the broker of his art collection, and has currently nothing to do with the football club AS Monaco. (gma)

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