Bram Verbruggen, five years at army

Bram Verbruggen, the new weatherman of the VRT, followed by a five-year officierenopleiding, specialized in Great Britain in meteorology and then worked at Meteowing, the military counterpart of the RMI. “As a meteorologist in the army ask you very specific weather forecasts for paratroopers, the navy or gevechtspiloten. Who have any specific information needed,” explains Verbruggen in The Morning, that is so five years ago, a few months spent on the airport of Kandahar, as the only non-American meteorologist. “At that time, was that airport, the busiest in the world, with constant helicopters, transporttoestellen and fighter planes landed and went up.” In Afghanistan, he learned a totally different type of prediction: over there they know, for example, no weather fronts such as here, or sandstorms.

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