‘Blue wave’ remains from

WASHINGTON – Democrats tackle the majority in the House of Representatives and Republicans retain the Senate and win therein even a few seats. These are the preliminary results of the Us mid-term elections. The exact proportions are still not sure, have not all the results are within.

The Democrats are on course to the 23 seats within, which are needed for a majority in the House of Representatives. The Republicans are currently three seats gain in the Senate.

These midterms are seen as a referendum on the performance of president Trump. The losses of the House of Representatives is a setback for Trump, but yet the president is not a very bad night.

The Democrats predicted blue of the gulf was not the tsunami, which Democrats had hoped for. Left America hoped early in the evening, the victory within, but that was more difficult than expected, and the victory is at the moment less well than hoped.

Loss was predicted

Trump had the loss of the House of Representatives has been made earlier. And his loss is less significant than that of his predecessor, Obama, in his first midterms. In addition, to strengthen the Republicans their grip on the Senate. Trump responded via twitter excited.

With the loss of one of the two rooms will Trump be harder to get legislation through to get. For the financing of projects does the House of Representatives an important role. Trump would still like to build a wall.

In addition, it can Trump difficult to investigate expect. Democrats can now, thanks to their majority easier to start. A impeachmentsprocedure can, in theory, now it’s even easier to be started, but that possibility is currently largely theoretical.

Abrams and O’rourke failure

Several candidates where Democrats hoped for, save it anyway. So won the Republican ex-presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Texas with a couple of percent difference of the Democratic posterboy Beto O’rourke.

In Florida won the Trumpist Ron Desantis, the battle for the governorship of the progressive candidate, Andrew Gillum. In Georgia had Stacey Abrams, the first black woman to be governor would be, but they too saved the not.

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