Belgian ex-footballer released

Fabien Camus

The footballer was questioned about his role in the transfer of Anthony Limbombe of Club Brugge to Nantes. The Frenchman was suspected of money laundering and criminal organization.

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Now footballer held in Belgium

A week and a half ago, seemed to Them all to get free by paying a deposit of 20,000 euros, but the federal public prosecutor’s office went against that conditional release appeal. Now it is so far, as confirmed by lawyer Didier De Quevy to La Dernière Heure.

“The deposit was Wednesday morning paid,” he declared. Normally, the ex-player of Antwerp and Genk Wednesday for the ’room charge’ should appear, who would decide on his further detention.

Camus was last season, is still active as a player at KV Mechelen, but since last summer without the club. He admitted that he was the middleman acted between broker Mogi Bayat and former Club Brugge player Limbombe for the transfer of the latter to FC Nantes.

According to Camus, had the Bayat to him, and a commission promised to transfer, but he denies that he ever actually received. Camus indicates, moreover, that he in return to Bayat a luxehorloge of 6800 euro gift did. This is remarkable, since Bayat is suspected luxehorloges to share as a lubricant for all kinds of transferdeals.

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