Asia Bibi is released from Pakistani cell

Asia Bibi is released from Pakistani cell

Asia Bibi, a christian woman from Pakistan, Wednesday night by the Pakistani authorities released from her cell.

Bibi was a week ago acquitted by the Pakistani Supreme court. For the past eight years she was imprisoned in the death row for blasphemy.

“She is released. They told me that they are in a plane, but no-one knows for which destination’, says her lawyer, Saiful Mulook, to AFP.

The command to release reached Wednesday in the prison of Multan, where she was held, says a member of the gevangenisdirectie to the French news agency.

Asia Bibi, a mother of five children, got eight years ago the death penalty after a discussion on a glass of water on a farm, where she the prophet Muhammad would have offended. The woman always has her innocence to stand.

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