Alberto Stegeman heard nepbom on camp

Stegeman is to say that if defendant answered. Officially he is suspected of violating the clause in the law that prohibits a subject to leave to do as if it may explode. There is a maximum of four years in prison.

"Anyone have a good book?" ask Stegeman in his tweets. The journalist says its best to do the purpose of the report, demonstrating the "dramatic security" in the Defence, for the spotlight.

For his program Undercover Nederland, Stegeman Heat a nepbom in the dining room behind. After the discovery of the package was great alarm was beaten, and was the Explosives ordnance disposal used.

Stegeman did during his action as an employee of the intelligence Albert Bijleveld. The invitation to the hearing, however, was focused on Stegeman, and not Albert Bijleveld, said the journalist.

The police will on Wednesday further did not elaborate on the case. "We do not comment on ongoing cases,’ said a spokesman.

In 2008, Stegeman caused a fuss by entering at the military airport of Woensdrecht and close to the fighters. On the barracks in Havelte, he knew even with a military vehicle of the off-site drive. Also, he knew, shrouded in camouflagekleding, the military base Oirschot. After his earlier actions announced Defense measures and focus the monitoring at barracks.