UN: more than 200 mass graves of IS in Iraq

BAGHDAD – There are so far in Iraq all 202 mass graves discovered in areas where Islamic State until recently, the service was. That is a report of the United Nations, which on Tuesday was published. According to American estimates there are the remains of 6000 to 12,000 people.

The streets of Iraq in ruins.

The victims include women, children, the elderly and disabled. In addition, members of the Iraqi armed forces and police found. Precise numbers are not yet to give because it is only 28 graves are opened. At 1258 bodies unearthed.

IS captured between June and december 2014 large parts of the north-west of Iraq, with Mosul as its main stronghold. The terrorist organisation is, according to UN data in that period in Iraq have been responsible for the death of almost 33.000 citizens.

In addition, touched by the hands of the jihadists, according to the UN, more than 55,000 innocent Iraqis injured. HAS terrorized the local population, executed opponents and focused specifically on members of ethnic and religious minorities, including christians and jezidi.

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