To 100,000 migrants to Europe traveled in 2018

GENEVA – more than 100,000 migrants and refugees from the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, traveled in the first ten months of this year. That’s the limit of 100,000 persons according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the fifth year in a row, exceeded, all, that happened in previous years, a lot earlier.

Refugees come to Lesvos from Turkey.

Migrants in boats for the sea crossing this year, especially Spain as their final destination. There are between 1 January and 4 november about 49.000 people country come. Next to follow were Greece (nearly 28,000 immigrants) and Italy (over 22,000).

The number of migrants crossing venture, exhibits a downward trend. In the same period last year, to almost 155,000, and in 2016 even to almost 338.000 people. In that year the border was of 100,000 migrants via the sea routes in February achieved.

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