The Jets stop

Yes, take that handkerchief, but above. After a career of 16 years, 5 albums, a couple of hundreds of concerts, and tens of thousands of tourkilometers on the counter later announce The Of Jets their very last concert on October 31, 2019.
And, of course, no better place to have that farewell concert to play in the Ancienne Belgique, where The Jets 15 years ago from scratch if duivelskinderen of the rock’ n ‘ roll originated in the 2004 edition of Humo’s Rock Rally.
The Jets built in no time a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts of our Belgenland, and surprised also on the plate by itself on each album time and time again to find out. Lay swansong ‘Future Primitives’ debut album ‘Electric Soldiers’ and you will understand what we mean.
Last but not least: their arsenal of hits… Two Tides or Ice, the Broken Bones, Boy To Beastie, Electric Soldiers, Down Below, Teevee, Here Comes The Light,… And The Future, of course, in 2010 the anthem of a generation wrote.
But before The Jets finally interred in the pantheon of the Belpop, so there is still that big farewell party in the AB!
To be expected: a grand XL-set, with special guests, and at the end maybe a tear. Or two. Tickets are now on sale.

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