The Feijenoord stadium close repetition of

Feyenoord-VVV does not go through.

“A part of the technology, including a transformer and multiple relays, it had gone”, director Jan van Merwijk from The Cockpit know. “This will be replaced. There we have a couple of days, mainly because we after the replacement well would like to test.”

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A “back-up” should be there, according to Van Merwijk, ensure that “even in the very unlikely event that we this happens, we will still very quickly the lighting can control and contest does not need to be discontinued.”

The next race in The Cockpit is the international match the Netherlands – France on 16 november. “It is clear that everyone definitely wants to know that this is not happening,” says the stadiondirecteur. “Hence, we err on the side of caution.”

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