Sweetheart dumps minister Salvini with bedselfie

ROME – Matteo Salvini, the Italian minister of the Interior, needs to find a new girlfriend. That news leaked out via Instagram. “I had not done it this way”, responds Salvini.

Matteo Salvini and his (now ex-)girlfriend.

His previous girlfriend, ex-model and tv presenter Elisa Isoardi, dumped the politician with a photo on social media, in which they cuddle in bed. “With an immense amount of respect for the true love that was there, thank you Matteo”, she wrote underneath.

Salvini has literally grown up with social media, which helped him to be popular. Still shoot this in the wrong throat, he will report himself on Facebook.


“I have my personal life, never in the public domain thrown in. That I will now not do,” says Salvini. “I have loved, I have forgiven, and I have made mistakes. But I’ve always believed in.”

Salvini has the first option on the search for a new lover in Ghana. He has discussions to prevent West Africans to Europe to migrate.

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