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Stoffel Vandoorne enthusiastic in the direction of Brazil: “Very cool to be there racing.”

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne looks forward to at the circuit of Interlagos racing. After his puntenfinish in Mexico hopes Vandoorne also in Brazil, a good performance to convert.

“Last year I was in Brazil a very short race as I have during the first round involved himself in an incident which I had to give up,” says Vandoorne first back on last year. “I hope for Fernando and me that this scenario, this coming weekend will not repeat.”

“On the basis of the time that I already have on the circuit have spent, I found it a very cool circuit. I understand why so many riders from the past, this is one of the best circuits in the world. It is a fast and flowing circuit and you can really attack the corners.”

During the previous race in Mexico and finished Vandoorne as the eighth and he scored important points for McLaren, something that the team a mental boost.

“The points in Mexico were a big boost for the team. Fernando and myself will also be in Brazil a solid performance to pursue. We will as usual work very hard in our preparation and our strategy is to be so in the eyes of the Brazilian fans the best possible result,” concluded Vandoorne.

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