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Six days of Ghent promises to be a lot of tension: every day sold out, tenors expect “spicy edition”

Tuesday was in the Ghent town hall the 78th edition of the six days of Ghent proposed. Who is going next week Tuesday to start. The Ghent six-day after that of Berlin, the oldest on the calendar. May this publication a suit more exciting than that of last year. When waved Kenny De Ketele with Moreno De Pauw quite authoritarian the paste. Now about half of the players eligible for the stage win.

The duo of Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw is pulled apart. The Ketele runs from Tuesday tours with the 21-year-old Robbe Ghys. They are reigning European champion ploegkoers. The Peacock gets the 23-year-old Lindsay De Vylder at his side. Iljo Keisse makes a return appearance in “his” six-day. The “Emperor of ‘t ‘Kuipke’,” had last year with an injury, forced to forced to give up. Just as in 2016, is the sixfold winner a couple with the Italian Elia Viviani. In 2016, they were third. Now, Keisse once again for the oppergaai.

Jasper De Buyst and Tosh Van der Sande is also much expected. De Buyst won in 2013 with the German Leif Lampater and start brimming with ambition. Also the world champions ploegkoers Roger Kluge and Theo Reinhardt signs present. The Germans will get their rainbow jersey to show on the 166-meter-long piste. Then there are the Dutch Wim Stroetinga with Yoeri Havik, the numbers of three of last year.

In total there are twelve teams at the start. Last year gathered Ketele and De Pauw not only the most points (411), they drove the rest of the field on at least two rounds.

Daily, the evening started with the Toekomstzesdaagse. Wednesday’s single matches with G-athletes and the Friday and Saturday and the women on the job. On the final day, Sunday afternoon, car Ayrton Peacock (500 metres) and Nicky Degrendele (baanronde) is at a record attempt.

Keisse and De Buyst expect a lot from their six-day

Iljo Keisse and Jasper De Buyst were Tuesday present at the press conference of the six days of Ghent. For both, it is a reunion with the track and the fans. The Ed stayed away after his overall victory in 2013. Keisse was last year forced to give up due to an injury. Both ex-winners now want to again give the best of themselves on the 166-meter-long wooden track.

“It will be a spirited six-day be. There are a few topkoppels together”, commented Keisse ahead. “The world champions are there, and also the European champions will sign as present. Especially of that last, Kenny De Ketele and Robbe Ghys I expect gensters. I already with some of the other participants in the training. They are all very motivated. De Ketele and Ghys are on stage with the national team in Lanzarote, so I have not yet started, but which will also be at the top.”

Last year was “the Emperor of ‘t ‘Kuipke’ ” from the stands and watch. “An injury made sure that I could not rates. What did that pain. I have my cash sitting eats up on that stand. And I should also say that the opposition Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw were not so marvellous. That will be starting next week, Tuesday to be different.”

The Ed drew in 2013 the sheet to itself in Ghent. Then with Leif Lampater, “I start now with my ploegmakker at Lotto Soudal, Tosh Van der Sande. We know each other so. We are going to be mixing in the fight for the gold. I have the piste for a while, but now I want to back to the wire. It will make Tuesday feel like coming home during the performance of the riders. Lotto has been here for a while, the main sponsor, but never won our team the six days. It is up to us to change that.”

Midst of ‘t ‘Kuipke’ is, perhaps, every evening full of

The time that the six days of Ghent interrupted had to be because there is water gushing out on the slopes due to a leaking roof, that the chairs be shaken were the toilets people were dirty and the paint of the walls flipped, it is now already very long at the back. Still, they continue to invest in the wielertempel, where once a year tens of thousands of people come to marvel at the riders of the six days of Ghent.

“The roof has a hefty maintenance. Here and there were walls and ceilings a new coat of paint. But most of all, got the track a protective, transparent boarding, so to speak, that make it all even more secure. This is for both the riders and spectators,” reported deputy of Sports Resul Tapmaz.

“The patio has a new fence. The track was also sand. Of the fire in ‘t ‘Kuipke’, was also created. The thousands of spectators who each night descend on the “Ghent Festivities of the winter”, will be in the best possible way to be able to enjoy the wielerspektakel. There are only a handful of tickets available and we will be moving again in six sold-out days.”

Organizers satisfied with the number of participants

Organiser Christophe Sercu was Tuesday a very strong field of proposals for the 78th edition of the Ghent six-day. “We are definitely happy,” he declared.

“We have thirteen Belgians in the field and in the Toekomstzesdaagse there are seven Belgians, of which there are six, three full Belgian couples form. It was a long time ago that so many Belgians the Toekomstzesdaagse reason. In the women falls under the Dutch Kirsten Wild to Ghent. She is the world champion in the points race, scratch race and the omnium. They should especially opposition to expect from the five Belgian riders: Jolien D’hoore, Annelies Dom, Lotte Kopecky, Shari Bossuyt and Gilke Croket.”


Six days:

1. Roger Kluge/Theo Reinhardt (Ger)

2. Kenny De Ketele/Robbe Ghys (Bel)

3. Jasper De Buyst/Tosh Van der Sande (Bel)

4. Iljo Keisse/Elia Viviani (Bel/Ita)

5. Yoeri Havik/Wim Stroetinga (Ned)

6. Lindsay De Vylder/Moreno De Pauw (Bel)

7. Jonas Rickaert/Stijn Steels (Bel)

8. Gerben Thyssen/Marc Hester (Bel/Den)

9. Fabio Van Den Bossche/Nick Stöpler (Bel/Ned)

10. Otto Vergaerde/Jules Hesters (Bel)

11. Jesper Morkov/Roy Pieters (Den/Ned)

12. Francesco Lamon/Michele Scartezinni (Ita)


1. Bryan Boussaert/Martin Mollerup (Bel/Den)

2. Arne De Groote/Nicolas Wernimont (Bel)

3. Ture Dens/Brent Van Mulders (Bel)

4. Vincent Meyers/Robbe Snels (Bel)

5. Ethan Vernon/Rhys Britton (GBr)

6. Nils Weispfennig/Calvin-Thick (Dui)

7. Victor Charlot/Florentin Lecamus Lambert (Fra)

8. Filippo Ferronato/Jacopo Cavicchioli (Ita)

9. Arne Birkemosse/Anders Fynbo (Den)

10. Sam Watson/Zach Bridges (GBr)

11. JB Murphy/Fintan Ryan (Ipr)

12. Oliver Frederiksen/Matias Malmberg (Den)

Women: Jolien D’hoore, Annelies Dom, Lotte Kopecky, Shari Bossuyt, Gilke Croket, Kirsten Wild (Ned), Marit Raaijmakers (Ned), Kristie van Haaften (Ned), Valentine Fortin (Fra), Amu Cure (Aus) and Anita Stenberg (Nor)

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