Sinéad O’connor finds whites “disgusting”

Sinéad O’connor, today called Shuhada’ Davitt because they converted to islam, wants to own say no more time to spend with white people. In a tweet she describes white people as “disgusting”. Her message attracted already a lot of reactions.

“I’m sorry a lot. What I’m about to say is so racist that I never thought I it my lips would get”, so she starts her tweet. “But honestly, I never want to spend more time with white people (if the right term is for non-muslims to describe it). Not for a moment longer, for whatever reason. They are disgusting.”

The singer can certainly on very little positive comments to count. “Good and bad people you will find anywhere, this is separate from religion or creed”, someone wrote. “No one is ‘disgusting’ on the basis of ethnicity,” said someone else.

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