Sidekicks Evers to Wilfred Genee

Wilfred Genee

Colleague Johan Derksen had accidentally already tell that the presenter of a radio show would do. That has Genee, and now officially to the world. The program is the same as the tv program Veronica inside are called, and is, very surprisingly, on Radio Veronica broadcast.

The radio program will build on the eponymous tv variant. So want to Genee on Tuesday in the section I’m Sorry the rebuilding relationships that Johan Derksen the night before irreparably damaged. “We’re going to be a good sponsor need for all the flowers,” joked Genee Tuesday morning against Edwin Evers on Radio 538.


Genee from January 7, every week from Monday to Thursday broadcast. On Friday, he can’t because he than on BNR Newsradio to listen. Johan Derksen and René van der Jibe will not daily enjoy.

However, he gets help from Rick Romijn and Niels van Baarlen, the regular sidekicks of Edwin Evers, who at the end of this year stops with his morning program. “It is a different radio than BNR Nieuwsradio”, said Genee in Evers staat op. “And I can be a little guidance for use.”

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