Said Taghmaoui on the side of Keanu Reeves in ‘John Wick 3’

The movie ‘John Wick 3’ has a new actor to the cast added. Said Taghmaoui, known for more ‘Wonder Woman’, was on the set next to Keanu Reeves spotted.

This third John Wick-film reveals that the beloved assassin on the run. He is now hunted wild game, are chased by virtually all of the other assassins, and has a hefty price on his head. This director of this new film lies in the hands of Chad Stahelski.

The shooting of the latest film are in full swing, as we see via a picture on Twitter of Taghmaoui. They find a place in New York City, Montreal, but also in countries such as Russia, Morocco and Spain. It is also a very international adventure.

It is still unclear what role Taghmaoui plays, but big will not be. The recordings are, in fact, already begun in may this year. The movie must be in the course of may 2019 in the cinemas run.

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